Importance Of Website Maintenance For WordPress Websites

The importance of website maintenance cannot be overlooked, especially since WordPress is a powerful platform, commanding over 40% of the internet. But here’s the truth: simply creating a visually stunning website is not enough. Without proper maintenance, your website will quickly become outdated, vulnerable to security breaches, and frustratingly slow. A slow-loading website is a… Read more »


Understanding Consumer Psychology: What they Love to See

Don’t make a fool of yourself by thinking that you can convert your audience into customers by describing how amazing your products are –trust me, it never works!! You have to understand customer psychology to make sales and grow your business. We are not denying the power of good SEO optimization in product descriptions. It… Read more »

Simple Tools Graphic Designers Will Choose

Which Simple Tools Graphic Designers Will Choose Most

In all aspects of design, simplicity is a recurring goal. The simpler a finished product is, the more effective it is; and simplicity is often found in every stage along the way. There’s a reason why most designers still start with pen or pencil and paper, even though we have a plethora of design software… Read more »

Cyber Security Police

WordPress Security

WordPress is now one of the most commonly used frameworks for the development of websites. Due to its flexibility and effectiveness, most developers are working in WordPress to develop best responsive sites. Despite all great features, the fundamental issues everyone encounters by WordPress is security. Your website can’t be effective unless it is secured from… Read more »

Great User Experience

10 ways to lower your bounce rates

Creating and maintaining a website is hard work! All website creators hope that such a passionate investment yields the results they are looking for, that is; they want visitors to view and take interest in the content that they have labored over so tirelessly. That is why a high bounce rate can spell worry and… Read more »

Command Base Web Design Regina

Why you Should have a Blog

Blogging is a quickly growing online industry that allows companies to introduce themselves and their business to the world. By improving online presence and providing fresh content prospective clients or customers can be reached and are encouraged to visit and explore the website. Blogging is a great strategy that can benefit you both personally and… Read more »


Web Design and Development Tips for Start-ups

So you’ve started a company, huh? Good job! You’ve probably already gone through the typical start-up process. You’re either bootstrapping your project, or you’ve received your first round of funding under your belt for some working capital. Perhaps you’ve moved into a loft-styled office space (with lots of comfy couches), hired your dream team, and are now thinking… Read more »

How to Batch Download SquareSpace PDF Files

So your client is on Square Space. And all of their files were uploaded there. Squarespace however doesn’t provide FTP so you can’t just go in and grab them all. Only images are found in the /sitemap.xml file – so we need a way to get a list of all of the PDF files that have… Read more »


WordPress Hotel Reservation System

I recently finished a couple months stint crushing season upon season of Hotel Impossible. While I’m not normally the reality TV loving kind of guy, I liked seeing host Anthony Melchiorri rip into complacent owners and managers. While watching the before and after’s are always fun, my favourite part of each show is when the… Read more »