About Us

About Command Base?

Command Base is a small team based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia. We may just be your future secret weapon.

Who is Command Base?

This web design company is spearheaded by Corbin Fraser, alongside his business partner Joey Postma. Corbin is based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, while Joey spends his time between Toronto, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Together we provide high quality web design and development under the somewhat nerdy name, Command Base.

Celebrating 9 Years in Business

Command Base has had the opportunity to work alongside several design agencies across Canada, and countless clients from Regina, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax, Charlottetown, California, and New York. Our reputation for high quality websites, as well as our laid back, trustworthy, and easy to talk to attitudes, have allowed us to build a strong portfolio of work from businesses and organizations both large and small.

Corbin Fraser


Corbin Fraser received his diploma in Graphic Design and Digital Media Design from the Centre for Arts and Technology in Halifax, NS in 2012 and has 9 years of professional experience as a website designer and developer. Corbin has gained extensive experience in web development, graphic design, creative writing and blogging. Corbin is not only talented and recognized in the world of web design and development, but also a proud writer and founder of the award winning Canadian Travel blog www.ibackpackcanada.com.

Joey Postma


Joey has 12 years of experience as a professional website developer. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Joey moved to Canada with his parents as a teenager. After pursuing his diploma in Computer Science at New Brunswick Community College, Joey gained valuable career experience working for several marketing and advertising agencies in Halifax. Joey’s focus and expertise is on the front end and back end coding for the client websites.

Alisha Perron

Production Coordinator

Alisha graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelors Degree in Marine Biology and Sustainability. With just over two years of experience as a project manager and SEO Content Writer, Alisha has been a welcome addition to Command Base. Currently based out of Toronto, she helps herd the nerds and ensures all the work gets done.

Mike Postma


Mike received his Bachelor of Computer Science with honours in Multimedia Systems from the University of New Brunswick. Mike has over 15 years experience strategically planning and executing digital projects. A true integration specialist with a strong marketing background, Mike’s skills range from creating mobile apps to large-scale WordPress websites and completely customized enterprise systems.

Angelique Cabezas

Design & UX

Angelique Cabezas is a professional graphic designer with over 6 years experience. She has a strong passion for creating simple, elegant designs that translate well from mobile all the way up to desktop. Angelique excels in photoshop, illustrator, and helping with frontend design, UX, and helping websites look their very best.