Saskatchewan SPCA

The SSPCA is one of our proudest projects to date. With photography by our very own, Corbin Fraser, this website truly captures what the Saskatchewan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is all about. We helped the SSPCA find a clear and simple way to inform users what a strong and necessary organization this is.  — The SSPCA believes that prevention of animal cruelty starts with education.

We developed a custom education portal, allowing them to share educational resources to students, farmers, community members, and pet owners. We’ve also developed an advanced Report Animal Abuse form, which allows users to discreetly report known cases of animal abuse. This allows the SSPCA’s field officers to promptly investigate any reports, and has already lead to the rescue of several animals.

Non profits require constant funding in order to hit their goals, so we set up a way for the SSPCA to begin selling online sponsorship to community leaders & businesses. The Corporate Sponsors and Private Memberships help fund the SSPCA and assist in the fight against animal cruelty. We’re very pleased with the design and development of this advanced WordPress based site, and look forward to working with the SSPCA again in the future.