Regina German Club

In 2013 we were approached by our good friend Subi from Global Minds to tag team on a website redesign project for the Regina German Club. As fans of beer, schnitzel, and lederhosen, we couldn’t resist. The Regina German Club was at the time using a Yellow Pages website template, which didn’t allow them to update their own website to announce new events. Updates would take weeks to complete by the Yellow Pages team, and would cost them a hefty amount for each minute update.

We showed the board of directors at the German Club the backend of WordPress, and how they could take control of their website and learn how to manage their own content. They instantly fell in love. This local Regina website design included:

  1. A touch friendly promotional slider
  2. Event listings with Schema to promote events via Google
  3. Food menu & specials listings
  4. A Portal for German Cultural Groups
  5. German Club Membership Signup
  6. Advanced Event Booking Forms