Signpatico recently purchased CDN (Canadian Digital Network), and this involved a branding overhaul on CDN’s website, which we had built back in 2015. The overhaul included rebranding all colours and fonts to match Signpatico’s design and branding elements.

Their website features a custom built Billboard Listings map which allows for their team to easily update and maintain their inventory of digital billboards across Canada. Buyers also have the unique ability to add specific signs to their campaigns, allowing them to easily target customers in specific demographics and locales.

Their new team section is also setup to allow the public to easily see who’s behind Signpatico, and their case studies section helps showcase the power of digital billboard advertising.

This project has been an extremely fun one over the years as it’s allowed us to integrate some unique technology, include Google Maps street view on billboard listings, as well as the ability to do some fun things with custom post types, custom taxonomies, and custom metadata. It’s a nerd’s dream come true!