Dr Della Summers

Dr Della Summer’s has been a part of Corbin’s life since he was a childhood dweeb with those awesome light-up shoes. She’s looked after the teeth of every member of the Fraser family. Her ability to have fun was what made us continue to drive to Saskatoon year after year for our check-ups. As luck would have it, when Dr Summers opened up her new practice in beautiful Kamloops BC, she reached out and we were put back in contact to work on her website.

We created a clean, professional dental practice website that allows her team to easily update service offerings, staff listings. We also provided a blog where Della can share her insightful look into the world of dentistry, family living, and running her own business. The website is extremely simple to navigation ensuring people from all walks of life can find what they’re after. We’re proud to have had the opportunity to work on this website.