Waxy’s Bobcat

In the spring of 2014 we were approached by the Wilcocks family, who own and operate Waxy’s Bobcat here in Regina, SK. Waxy’s Bobcat has been the leading supplier of landscaping supplies for over 23 years. Their products include aggregates, decorative rocks, mulches, sands, and topsoil as well as their concrete and excavation services. Waxy’s Bobcat wanted to find a way to make dirt sexy! We happily signed on as we were up to the challenge. They wanted their website design to not only look good, but be easy to update, and provide their clients with a catalogue of their products.

The Waxy’s Bobcat Website Design included:

  1. Responsive Website Design
  2. Complete Products Catalogue with Image Gallery to showcase different product types
  3. Yardage calculator – used to calculate how much product a user may need to purchase given their square footage.
  4. An easy to update list of services & products
  5. Simple to use FAQ Section
  6. Easy to update hours of operation