How to Batch Download SquareSpace PDF Files

So your client is on Square Space. And all of their files were uploaded there. Squarespace however doesn’t provide FTP so you can’t just go in and grab them all. Only images are found in the /sitemap.xml file – so we need a way to get a list of all of the PDF files that have ever been uploaded to – fret not. There’s a solution.

scrape squarespace files

Google-Fu Those Square Space Files

Okay so we all know Google sees pretty much everything. Fortunately inspite of Squarespace using a CDN, Google picks up all file uploads on squarespace sites – typically they look something like:

All we need to do is perform an advanced Google search – type this into Google: filetype:pdf

It goes without saying to replace with the url you’re grabbing files from.

download all pdfs from squarespaceModify Search Results for Batch Download

Next up we need to modify the search results to show more than the default 10 per page that Google shows. In the top right corner of the search results you should see a “Search Settings” button – it may be behind a Gear icon. Once in there, you can turn off instant search off and enable 100 search results per page.

download all files squarespace

Bring in the Scraper and Download Squarespace Files

Now we need to find a way to automatically download all of those pdf files from the Square Space URL’s that Google found. I installed Download Master on Chrome (though there are other download managers for Chrome/Firefox/Safari out there). This one came up first while Googling and it seemed to work just fine. Run it on the results page and set it to download only PDFs.

batch download squarespace files

Marvel at your hard work

And there you have it. All of the files you were after in your downloads folder. Now keep in mind if there are more than 100 files found, you may have to run Download Master on each page of Google’s Search Engine Results. But I’ll take running that scraper a few times over manually downloading each file any day of the week!