We’re proud to offer extensive user testing abilities across all web platforms. While analytics can provide a substantial amount of data for tracking such things as average time on site, most popular content, and sessions per month, discovering how your users are interacting with your website and content is key to improving user-experience.

With anonymized session recording data we can see how your visitors who stick around longest behave. Improve the average time spent on site by finding out how those users that rank far below the average. Discovering where your clients get hung up or confused allows us to help revise content, design, and experience.

Heatmaps allow for additional abilities to target and nudge users in the right direction. By setting up heatmaps we’re able to visually discover where users are placing their cursor. This allows our team to revise content and design to find hidden hot spots within your page and encourage users to engage in whatever key action you’d like, whether that’s leads, sales, or pushing traffic to additional content.