Websites For Fun: Regina Toboggan Hills

Regina Toboggan Hills Logo

Every few months we get a week where emails seem to slow to a crawl. Clients aren’t replying, usually due to holidays, and we’re left putting the final touch on our latest web design projects. Once those websites are as finished as they can be, we’re left spinning our thumbs. We usually don’t spin long, as its not long before we start poking at our own little side projects. Stuff we think might be useful, or beneficial to the local Regina community. Last winter, during the holidays, we whipped up Regina Toboggan Hills.

As a kid, it was always the same Ruth M Buck hills for me. Little did I know there were more hills in Regina that my dweebie friends and I could have wandered off to. In an effort to play around with the Google Maps API a bit, and integrate a rating system for each hill, we took each hills GPS location and input them into a little web app where people can log on and rate hills, and share additional hills that are suitable for tobogganing, should they not already be listed on our map.

Special thanks to Kristian Platt for whipping up the logo for this website.