Fix Gravity Forms Conflict with W3 Total Cache

Amongst our favourite wordpress plugins are 2 heavyweights. Gravity forms – the superior forms management plugin that is easily one of the most extensible form management plugins out there, and W3 Total Cache – the ultimate Caching / Minification plugin. Unfortunately, when you lock these two titans into the same corner, the outcome can be messy.

Fix Gravity Forms and W3 Total Cache CSS Issue

Is your Gravity Forms looking wonky, but functionally working? Try excluding gravity forms css files in the W3 Total Caches Minify tab. Minification is great for compressing and concatenating multiple css files, but unfortunately it doesn’t always play nice with others.

Visit the Minify Tab (Performance > Minify) or visit and paste what’s below into the “Never minify the following CSS files:” field.


Fix Gravity Forms and W3 Total Cache JS or AJAX issue

Gravity forms does not like compression, or concatenation, or really anything to do with W3. So do yourself a favour and tell W3 to ignore the following Gravity Forms js file.

Head over to the Minify Tab (Performance > Minify) or visit and paste what’s below into the “Never minify the following JS files:” field.


These are two very easy fixes for getting W3 Total Cache and Gravity Forms to play nice together on your website. Alternatively you can tell W3 Total Cache to just not cache specific web pages – assuming you know exactly which pages have forms on them. But this route is much easier.

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