Command Base is Heading to PEI

So Corbs and I have decided that we are going to load the car and head north as Command Base is heading to PEI this week to visit some clients, take in some of good ol’ red soil and possibly have a pitcher of Sweet Oblivion or two (or three, who knows). As Charlottetown is the hometown that I’ve grown to love and adore, it’s obvious to say that I’m a little more familiar with Prince Edward Island than Corbin is. After all, he has only been there once and to say it was a bit of a hazy time is maybe a bit of an understatement.

So now we find ourselvesĀ scouringĀ the interwebs trying to see if there is anything new and exciting happening in downtown Charlottetown. Are there any new bars, restaurants or music shops around town? Does Leo still have the best Thai food in the city or does he have any new competition? We’ve heard that Halifax’s own Rich Aucoin will be playing at Hunter’s on Saturday night so if you feel so inclined to come have a thunder mug with us, feel free to email or tweet us.

So if you know of anything new and exciting happening around Charlottetown this weekend give us a shout! Otherwise we’ll be forced to tell Denim Dugay that you stole one of his cords of wood… and you don’t want that.